TOMi Simple

Transform your regular board into an interactive one

improving your teaching methodology and enhancing interaction and participation among class participants.

Turn any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard

Transform your traditional board (or any other surface) into an interactive whiteboard, improving teaching and boosting students’ interaction and participation.

Easy to use, only three simple steps

  1. Connect TOMi Simple to the computer.
  2. Connect the computer to the projector or TV.
  3. Then use it!

Some additional TOMi Simple information:

  • Easy to use and intuitive.

  • Has a quick users guide for easy installing.

  • Portable, resistant and affordable.

  • Allows teachers and students to use it without any trouble on any teaching environment.

  • Turn your regular whiteboard into a dynamic one with intuitive interactive features.

  • Add all the notes you would like to.

  • Share those notes.

  • Use the infinite board feature.

  • Access all the educational resources to motivate your students.*

  • Languages: spanish, english and portuguese.

*Applies only having access to platform

Why should you use TOMi Simple?

  • Motivates and triggers participation among students.
  • Facilitates and improves the teaching - learning process.
  • Allows presenting interactive and innovative classes by using digital resources.
  • By using TOMi appropriately, students can have larger concentration periods.
  • Durable components that allow it to be used at any type of scenario and with any kind of audience.
  • It is a light and portable product making it easier to carry between classes or schools.
  • Easy to use since it has an intuitive design.
  • Since it is a product 100% developed and assembled in Latinoamérica, is a very affordable device, adjusted to our economic system.

Something else to say, there are no reasons for not having it.

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Usa TOMi con Windows o MAC

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