In compliance with the rules aimed at regulating the processing of personal data and promoting respect for the rights of the owner of the information, TOMI INC, adopts the following privacy policy and treatment of personal data (the "policy") of mandatory compliance in all the activities developed by the company that involve the processing of personal data by its administrators, employees and collaborators.

TOMI INC carries out operations against which it is necessary to collect personal data of natural and legal persons, with whom the company maintains various contractual and / or commercial relationships.

For this reason, the collection and treatment (the "treatment") of said information will be necessary with respect to all persons, such as customers, users, suppliers, contractors, as well as employees and persons who are in the process of contracting any nature with society, with the purpose of executing the most appropriate social, administrative, contractual and commercial activities.

You can use our services in many ways, both to search and share information and to create new content. As a user of our services, we want to inform you clearly about how we use your data and how you can protect your privacy.

Then we proceed to enunciate all the data that TOMI INC receives from the user, and that this allows you to obtain, use and subtract from your registration (explicitly linking), the services offered by the platform, generating in this way an authorization by the user, in favor of TOMI INC for the handling of the information provided. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to services provided by other companies or individuals, including products or sites that may be displayed in search results and sites that may include TOMI INC services or that are accessed from such services. Our Privacy Policy does not regulate the data processing activities of other companies and organizations that advertise our services and may use cookies, visitor counters and other technologies to publish and offer relevant advertisements

Our Privacy Policy may be modified at any time. We will not limit your rights under this privacy policy without your express consent. The data collection is done to improve the service we offer to all our users and is carried out in two ways:


During this process we will ask you for certain personal information, such as your name or email address. This information is necessary to proceed with the registration in the platform. It also deals with all that information (including all kinds of contents) that the user decides to share and that allows us to send or suggest information and content.

The user's information also includes everything that he shares on the platform, such as content, images, photos, documents, videos that he uploads to the platform, and comments and contributions you make on certain content to which he has access through Of the same. It is information that the user decides to make public.


Another type of information to which TOMI INC has access is that which it receives each time the user interacts on the platform, when they consult the contents of another user, when they search for a specific content or a page or when purchases are made through the same platform. When the user publishes content of images or videos, documents, presentations, the company TOMI INC is authorized to receive additional information or metadata from the specific information of the material provided.

TOMI INC collects data from the information it has about the user, to provide content and applications that may interest you. TOMI INC only provides data to its advertising partners or customers with the identification information provided by the user or other data that may identify you, this in order to recognize your participation in the linking of the content but always being clear that such content is the property of TOMI INC once entered the platform, without arising from any copyright or specific intellectual property rights on the content publicly provided by the user, so that all other users who can and want to access it.


When we use the term "public information", we are talking about the information that you decide to make public, as well as the information that is always publicly available when the user decides to make it public, which means that everyone can access it. When other people share information about you, they can also choose to make it public.


The information that is received about the user is based on the relationship with the services and the functions that we offer to the specific user and to other users, to our partners, and to the developers who constantly create elements for the platform. Such information may be used to maintain the security of the services and products of TOMI INC, to protect the rights or property of TOMI INC or others, to calibrate or understand the effectiveness of the contents that users use, for internal operations (including problem solving, data analysis, research, development and service improvement).

We will ask for your consent before using your data for any purpose other than those established in this privacy policy.


It will be necessary to share your personal data with companies, organizations or individuals outside TOMI INC if we consider in good faith that there is a reasonable need to access said data or use, preserve or disclose it for:

Fulfill any requirement provided in the applicable legislation or regulations or respond to any requirement of an administrative or judicial body, comply with the provisions of the current Terms of Service, including the investigation of possible infractions, detect or prevent any fraud or technical or security incident or face them in another way, protect the rights, property or security of the platform or society, our users or the general public to the extent required or permitted by applicable law.

If TOMI INC participates in a merger, acquisition or sale of assets, we will make sure to maintain the confidentiality of personal data and inform affected users before their personal data is transferred or become subject to a different privacy policy.


Accepting this policy implicitly implies authorization by the user, in a free, prior, express, voluntary and duly informed way, so that it allows TOMI INC and its Internet sites, information services, electronic advertising and all our dependencies, associates, clients and allies, collect, collect, store, use, circulate, delete, process, compile, exchange, treat, update, share, transmit and / or transfer to third countries, to have their personal data that has been collected and those that are provided by you in the future, and that have been incorporated or incorporated in different files, databases or data banks, or in electronic repositories of all.This information is and will be used for the development of the functions and activities specific to our purpose, among which are sales activities and / or promotion of products, services, events and / or commercial promotions or not of these, own or of third parties, surveys or consultations, studies or market analysis of their own or of third parties directly or indirectly through the use of physical mail, electronic, cellular or mobile device, via text messages (1 / 1 S1 S and / or MMS) , or through any analogous and / or digital means of communication, known or to be known,. All of the above under the Information Privacy Policies.

TOMI INC Has information provided by its customers or users, obtained from business relationships, references and other activities developed by the company. In such condition TOMI INC is responsible for the treatment of the personal data of its clients in accordance with the privacy policies and information management, published on our website.

TOMI INC's treatment of the personal data of its clients or users consists of collecting, storing, debugging, using, analyzing, circulating, updating and crossing own information, contact data, and institutional information, with the following purpose: facilitate the correct execution and provision of services, perform statistical studies to design improvements in the services provided, inform the news, promotions and future events related to our company, maintain the support of technical, pedagogical and methodological support of our products.

The personal data that are subjected to treatment are: names and surnames, identity document, age, address, region, country, city, landline, mobile phone, address, email address, complaints and claims, service news.

The user accepts and authorizes voluntarily through its registration in the products or services, that data and personal records are used by the company TOMI INC and strategic allies, information that will not be transferred to third parties without knowledge and authorization of the client or user.

The rights that our clients have of their personal data are: knowing, updating and requesting the rectification or deletion of data; know what use TOMI INC has made of your personal data and revoke at any time the authorization of the inclusion of your personal data in the databases of TOMI INC

To exercise these rights, our clients can contact the national toll free line 01 8000 518 115 in Colombia, the service line (57) (4) 444 86 64, by writing to or by going directly to our office located at 26th Street No. 43f - 29 in MedellĂ­n - Colombia.

Complying with article 10 of Decree 1377 of 2013, which regulated the law 1581 of 2013. From the date, the holders of personal data will have a term of thirty (30) business days to ratify the authorization of the data processing or failing that, request the deletion of it, to the mail, if we do not receive any communication from you as of the reception of this communication, you will continue belonging to our database.


The privacy policies of the Platform explain the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy when using our products and services. If you use our services, you agree that TOMI INC use such data in accordance with its privacy policies.


The personal data susceptible of transfer to third countries will be the same in which the holder has granted his authorization with respect to the processing of said data. In any case, TOMI INC will ensure compliance with the standards set by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce if necessary.


This policy was approved after the issuance of the rules relating to habeas data, modified according to the regulatory standards issued in 2015 and 2016 by the corresponding national authorities.

The validity of the database will be the reasonable and necessary time to fulfill the purposes of the treatment taking into account the provisions of article 11 of decree 1377 of 2013.