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Teach through dynamic and interactive content in any device, remotely, in-person, and even without internet connection in the classroom.

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Create or find your next lesson

Choose the lesson you want to present to your students remotely or in the classroom.

Share your lesson code

From any device and anywhere your students are, they can connect to your lesson and interact in real-time.

Enjoy even without using video conference

Your students will see the questions on their devices, using less amount of Internet data than any video conference system.

Take innovative learning with you, even in classrooms without internet

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Take it to you classroom and enjoy it

Play interactive games in the classroom, without depending on the Internet or its quality. Your students will be connected to TOMi Play.

Explore thousands of lessons ready to be presented
Teach with interactive contents using TOMi7

TOMi.digital lessons can be taught without the internet inside the classroom using the teacher's personal assistant device TOMi7.

Besides automatic in paper exams grading, becoming any video projection into a smart-board, and taking attendance, TOMi7 allows you to simulate the internet inside the classroom and to present interactive lessons to the student's devices.

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Javier Saldarriaga

Javier Saldarriaga

Innovative teacher

"Wow! Creating a lesson that engaged and excited my students never was such fast and easy. I love TOMi.Digital!"

Mónica Lopez

Mónica Lopez

Innovative teacher

"I am playing interactive group lessons and I do not depend on the internet in the classroom, my students connect to TOMi Play to interact with my lessons"

Rocío Gómez

Rocío Gómez

Innovative teacher

"Although I have internet in the classroom, I use TOMi Play for students to use their mobile phones in an interactive lesson that I prepared for them, without being distracted by Facebook or Instagram"

Gustavo Ramírez

Gustavo Ramírez

Innovative teacher

"During the COVID19 lockdown, TOMi has become my best teaching tool for virtual classes, even when my students cannot use video conferencing"

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TOMi Inc. creates tools to teach and learn, from any device, to any device, remotely, inside any the classroom, or even without internet connection.

TOMi is being used by thousands of teachers around the world

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